Thursday, October 13, 2005

Your Anti-Abortion Dollar

When you go to the store to buy diapers or cheap socks, do you ever stop to think where your money is going once you have handed it over?

All that money goes somewhere, but how often do we take the time to find out? We vote once every two years or so, and we put a lot of time and energy into the voting process. But we spend money every day and don’t think about what our money is going to support. If we are truly concerned about ending abortion here and all over the world, shouldn’t this be a big concern?

As it stands right now, though, Americans are not very proactive about this. We are commanded by our impulses and appetites and not by our ideals when it comes to spending our money. The companies that own the retail outlets where we spend our money know this. As a result they can act with complete disregard for our ideals because they know that we will keep showing up and spending our money no matter what evils they commit.

So what is one powerless, isolated American supposed to do? The answer is to realize that you are not powerless and you are not isolated. Just as you have the power to vote, you have the power to decide where you spend your money. And you are not isolated (especially if you have the means to read this blog).

To find out where your money is going, you need just to pick a name from the list of places you shop at throughout the year, then crack open the old Internet, and do some research. Ask yourself: Where are they spending their money? Who are their suppliers? What policies do they support? What specifically are they doing about the abortion issue?

Does this sound like a lot of work already? Are you squirming in your comfy chair just at the thought of doing this? Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. Here, I’ll do the first one for you. Lets look at Walmart.

We all spend a lot of money there, right? They have cheap toys, cheap clothes, and cheap lip-stick. But when I hand over my money for these things, where does it go and what does it support?

First of all, Walmart buys most of their stock from suppliers who run sweatshops all over the world. This is not a misuse of the word – these are honest-to-gosh real live sweatshops where the conditions have been documented to be like something straight out of the nineteenth century. Sure, you can go on Walmart’s web site and read about the fantastic job they are doing with their own in-house inspection of supplier facilities. But that is all a white wash.

What does this have to do with the abortion issue? Well, for one thing many of these sweatshops discriminate against women who are pregnant. They pay slave wages and do not exactly encourage family life with the hours they demand and work conditions they inflict upon their workers. Also, consider what is happening in China, whose government is probably the biggest abortionist on the planet. Walmart did $18 billion dollars in business last year with China. The billions of American dollars that are poured into China for the purchase of dirt cheap toys and clothing did nothing other than aid the abortionist government there. This is because very little of that American money actually goes into the pockets of the sweatshop workers, who have seen their wages slashed and their benefits wiped away. Walmart is using your money to help create a class of wage-slaves who are essentially powerless to challenge their government’s unjust laws, such as coerced abortions.

This is just a peek under the Walmart rock. I found all this by just a short stay on the internet. There is much more. For example, there are the various sins of Walmart’s major suppliers. Hampton Industries is an (originally) American clothing manufacturer that fills many shelves at Walmart. It has now shipped 95% of its jobs overseas (so much for the American middle class!). Hampton Industries is also the connection between American dollars spent at Walmart and the Burmese drug lord Lo‑Hsing‑han.
There you have it. In less than an hour I was able to look at one of the places where my dollar is going and answer the basic question we should have about any retailer that receives our money on a regular basis: what are they doing with my money and is any of it going to support abortion? If every concerned American could sit down and do something like this just once a month, and adjust their spending habits accordingly (I will no longer spend a dime at Walmart), the impact could be enormous.

The machinery of abortion survives on money as much as votes. We need to look to see where our money is going when we spend it. If we don’t, then who we vote for will not much matter.