Saturday, October 28, 2006

Patterns of Error

We are all different yet we all make the same mistakes.

Most of the people I have met in this life are deeply flawed. But then it is easy to see the splinter in someone else's eye and miss the plank that is in your own. Which leads me to wonder "How completely crazy am I?"

We expect and depend on others to point out our mistakes at our work, or when we are learning a new sport or craft. We know we would not be able to learn otherwise. Yet we dig our heels in and mount all kinds of defenses when others criticize how we are doing our own lives and handling our relationships.

Whenever I train a new person at work, it is always a different experience. But still a new trainee always makes the same set of errors that all the other trainees make while they learn to do their job. This set of mistakes seems finite; I could probably contain them all with their corresponding corrections in a single college ruled notebook.

So what about our lives? What about the way we treat others as we go through life? I imagine that the errors contained therein are more numerous but just as finite. How big of a book would that take? I dont think it would be that big. All of the same old mistakes we make year in and year out could be contained, along with the antidotes for those mistakes, in a single volume.

Therefore it does not strike me as strange that in order to save us from the pitfalls of this life, He chose not only His body and blood but also a book.