Saturday, February 04, 2006

Me, A Redneck?

The other day, a young man who disagreed with some of my arguments, said on another blog that I was a "redneck". I have never, in my entire life been called a redneck! I have been called many things, one of my favorites, from the late '90s was "gun-boy".

Now, I never want one of my readers, despite their views, to be a liar. So I ran out and bought an '86 Fiero GT as a project car. I have been wanting a project car for a very long time, and got lucky enough to find this one. Now, I am not saying that Fiero owners are rednecks. Unfortuantely, my Home Owners Association (whose board I am on) would have a fit if I were to put the car on blocks in my front yard. So I will restore it lovingly in my garage, to better than new condition.

Don't tell me its going to burst into flame, as I know Fiero's have a certain reputation. Instead look at this link.

Now, to satisfy your curiosity, here are some pictures.

Front close up


Driver's side

Passenger side


Final Note: This is not going to be a "car blog" anymore than its a "this is all about my private life" or "look at me aren't I great" type of blog. I just thought I would share.