Monday, November 07, 2005

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

It's that time of the year again….when we have to scratch our heads to come up with something that Dad, or Mom, or Great-Aunt-Martha might like. It can seem harder and harder each year as everyone starts to become the people "with everything." So…a few ideas:

~For someone who has family or friends, or business contacts who regularly relocate (or for someone who just likes stickers), you might want to look at the address book with peel away sticker address slots, so you can update as needed. One such option is Flex Address Systems You can customize the binder and purchase replacement sheets. The filled binder prices range from $39.95-$225, so you could fit a range of budgets. If you like the idea, but not the price. Current has the same idea with an address book that's only $5.99.

~For the silver lover in your family, if you haven’t seen the Silver Jewelry Club, check it out. You can get a sterling silver piece of jewelry for “free” (plus $5.99) shipping and handling. The site changes the piece of jewelry every fifteen minutes, and only that piece of jewelry is available for that interval.

~Somebody love movies? How about a movie night package? You could include popcorn and candy, maybe a bowl, and gift certificates to Blockbuster or Netflix (a subscription through-the-mail DVD rental company). You pay your monthly subscription fee, and then there are no late fees or other charges. You return the DVDs in postage-paid sleeves. There are different package prices depending on how many DVDs you want out at a given time. Cleanflicks is another subscription service, and one which edits out gratuitous violence, sex, and obscenities.

~For the kids on your list…you might be interested in Snap Circuits. The wires are embedded in plastic pieces with snaps on them that connect on a peg board and do the activites in the book, for lighting up a light, and running a fan, etc. There are several different sets in different prices, which incorporate different activities. You can look at them here and here

~If you're looking more for "Classic" type toys, be sure to check out Magic Cabin, Hearthsong, and Rosie Hippo's.

~If you've got a college-aged kid to buy for, chances are he's a Homestar Runner fan. Check out the store here.

~Amazon always has a large variety of things, from books to toys, to exercise DVDs. You can probably find something for everyone on your list there, and if not, you could consider a gift certificate.

~Perhaps you’re looking for something more personalized? With your photo, you can order picture ornaments from Exposures Online, a photography catalog.

~Now if you want to compose a nifty picture for those ornaments, consider some matching Christmas pajamas from TheChildren's Place in Christmas color stripes! Moms and dads can get in on the fun too, since they have adult sizes as well.

~Another nifty catalog site is the Wendell August Forge site, where you can order hand-forged metal pieces...from serving pieces to jewelry, to candle holders, and more.