Monday, November 14, 2005

Support a Soldier/Operation Air Conditioner

What We Do

"Operation AC has suspended sending air conditioners to our troops as of 9/1/05. We have a new Coalition Care package that we send to our troops.

This pack consists of the following items:

1 Pair New Altama Desert Ripple Sole boots
1 pair new socks
2 Under Armour Heat Gear T-Shirts
1 Gerber Tool
1 Set ESS- ICE Tactical Glasses
1 Personal Care pack

Coaltion Troops:
1 Under Armour Heat Gear T-Shirts
1 Gerber Tool
1 Set ESS-ICE Tactical Glasses
1 Personal Care Pack

The cost of this Coalition Care Pack is $216.95. All donations as of September 1, 2005 will go to these packs for every US troop who signs up on our site. In addition to this, we will adopt the US troop out to be supported during their deployment.

We also have the ability to assist other countries of the Coalition in addition to our own troops. In August we helped 380 troops deploying to Iraq from El Salvador with Coalition Care Packs. We have 38 Packs going to a new country in a few weeks.

We at Operation AC send our US Troops mostly anything else they ask for or need. We have been at this since June 2003 and we have adapted to the needs of our troops. We send them items they are low on in supply and just are a help to them. Please adopt a soldier or marine serving and help us with our effort.

Our soldiers are humble people and they only ask for what they need like the boots we send, the socks and glove kits, morale raising items and mostly matching them up with an American who cares about what they are doing. Our troops are volunteers and they are still serving in the same place - do not forget them. Many of the ones going back now are from OIF 1 and remember me from when we started. I'm still here and I promised I would not quit till the last one comes home. My son has been back now for a year and he works here with me now that he is out of the Army helping his brothers and sisters still serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is my hope that we make their existence in Iraq during their deployment as safe and as easy on them as possible given the job they are there to do.

After sending over 9,400 air conditioners since we started - we are happy we have made an impact on the situation there. Now we have to adapt to the ever changing need of our troops and the safety of the troops given the items we send. Logistics and Delivery of Air Conditoners is now a danger to our troops. i can not risk the lives of the civilians delivering the air conditioners nor can I put safety of our troops at risk by allowing the chain of custody of these electronic items to be compromised. We are gearing up for our Christmas Campaign - we are sending out new Altama Combat Boots, 1 Phone Card and a Christmas tree - total cost, $100 per service member. Please consider donating!"


Frequently Asked Questions

"Do I send out the package or do I send it to Operation AC?
If you adopted a soldier or marine through us, send THAT SOLDIER your package directly. Packages sent to Operation AC will be sent to soldiers on our list. We just go down the list and send to the next in line.

How Do I ship out the package?
Packages should be shipped by US Postal service and you must take them to the post office. Send them PRIORITY MAIL as all the mail goes out of New York for Iraq and it goes pretty fast once it gets to New York. My average time for packages from Delaware to Iraq is 2 weeks. Letters take about 7 to 10 days. Remember, you are required to fill out a United States Customs form for your package so list everything you put in the box so you can fill out the form properly. You can generalize on the form so if it is food stuffs you can say "food items". There is helpful info on shipping to the troops on the US Postal System Website (click here).

How should the US Mail items be packaged?

Do not wrap anything in gift paper as the box may be opened and inspected. I would try to make the boxes large enough to carry easily our weight restrictions for our boxes are almost the maximum - 60 pounds and 108 square inches (add up the dimensions of all sides and must equal less than 108 inches).

What does an Adopted soldiers and marines receive from Operation AC?
Nearly every soldier who is Adopted out is on the list for new boots and is on the list for a new heater. If you write to your soldier and they need boots, tell them to log onto our website and put in their boot size under the "I AM A SOLDIER" page. We find out what they need and we go buy it and mail it to them.

What else can I send a soldier or marine?
These soldiers rarely ask for anything and they love to receive packages that they can share with their fellow soldiers. DVDs and movies are a great big hit. Especially the ones with the seasons of TV Shows, i.e. Sopranos, Law & Order and those shows that the entire seasons are on DVD. Don't forget our female troops - they will need feminine supplies because they can't get them where they are.

May I give his address to the HeadBlade people to send socks to my soldier or marine directly?
Yes you may give the address to the Head Blade folks (Todd Green). Todd sends items to us to send to the troops I will ask him if he can mail to an APO for you.

My packages and letters are coming back. I'm so upset what do I do?
At this stage of the war, watch the news for when there is troop rotation. The US Marine deployment is shorter, roughly 9 months. Army can be there for 1 year deployments. Don't worry, if your soldier is not on the casualty list he or she is probably just coming home finally. If you must look for the name, here is a link to the List of US Troops who have been killed in action by clicking here

If your soldier or marine does not answer you, remember they are doing a very difficult job over there right now. Perhaps there is difficulty for them to write, but keep writing to our troops. Email Kristine and she will give you a new soldier or marine to adopt. If you had boots returned, don't worry we can get you another soldier or marine with the same size foot. We have thousands of them signing up."