Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Dubai Ports Fiasco

What is wrong with my fellow Americans? I thought Republicans were supposed to be the racist ones! But I guess Democrats are the kings of pandering, so they could not miss this opportunity to race bait.

I don't remember Democrats coming out of the woodwork to block China taking over the Panama Canal during the Clinton Administration. How about his administration selling all manner of sensitive weapons technology to the Chinese? How about a complete lack of anyone standing up to say that Britain must not control any of our ports or infrastructure, after all, the shoe bomber was a British citizen was he not?(1)

The whole argument is a blatant and sickening shot at a legitimately weak president. From the NSA spying on Americans scandal, to the still disappeared "enemy combatants" with no representation or access to the justice system, to the abandonment of conservative principles of a smaller less intrusive federal government, etc, this president has failed. But once again, like the Katrina insanity, people pick something stupid to attack him on, or at least, their arguments are stupid. The only legitimate argument against the deal I have seen thus far is that the administration did not follow the rules on investigating the deal beforehand. But who knows if that's true.(2)

Tons of links below for those who want to read up.

(1) Richard "the shoe bomber" Reid

(2) Leftists who may actually have a legitimate beef (I know, its hard to believe)

(3) Details about the Dubai company from Forbes

(4) General story one, and two about the whole fiasco

(5) Links one, two and three about the Clintons' duplicitous involvement.