Friday, February 10, 2006

The Fiero is HOT

So... I said this wasn't going to become a car blog, but just consider this as something from the "it would be funny if it wasn't me" department:

(An email to my wife)

So there we are, driving back to the base from lunch. The car is not coasting real well, and we both notice it, so we decide to check the wheels to see if the brakes were super hot cause maybe they were stuck on or something. Henry checked the front passenger side and it was cold, which was odd, it should have been warm or something. The front driver side was really hot, hotter than it should have been probably. And the back drivers side was on FIRE! Hah!!!! It was a FIRE-O! We tried to blow it out, but no good, so we tried to smother it with the floor mats, but it was behind the wheel down in the bushing we think, we couldn't get in there to smother it, so Henry ran inside and non-chalantly got a fire extinguisher, and we put it out. Then we non-chalantly put the fire extinguisher back. Nobody seemed to notice. At this point you are laughing right?! Hehehehe, I only regret that I was so focused on the fire I forgot to take pictures with my phone!, or better yet, video!

So, to make a long story short, I got a trailer rented for tomorrow, they will call me, and I expect I should be able to pick it up in the morning or even tonight. Then I will come out here and get it, and put it nicely back in the garage. The total cost is about $50 for the trailer. Of course, I will have to do some brake work and stuff before I drive it again. Henry made a great point, its a good thing we drove it to lunch and it happened then, rather than happening on 81 on the way home!

Ah... good times. So, the other great news, not to be obscured by any of this is, they want me back next week. So, the money I make driving will way more than cover the trailer rental. 5 days of driving makes me $155+. That would probably pay for the brake stuff I will want to buy as well.

Anyway, as you can see, this story is way too long for me to leave in your voicemail. And way too funny as well! Anyway, I love you and can't wait to see you tonight!



The saga isn't over. You see, the trailer I rented is broken and I need to get the car off of the base before the military impounds it, or worse, detonates it!