Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wednesday, September 13, 2006
September 13th ONE MORE BLOW!!!!
Well here's the deal... We have been on the phone all morning with Docs trying to get her transferred to another Hospital for a Second Opinion. Problem with that is the Docs at U of M are talking these other hospitals out of accepting Emmie-Rose for the Second Opinion that Rightfully We are allowed to receive.

We called Toledo back for a letter of acceptance and explaination to send to the Insurance Company for an appeal. In turn, The Doc tells Us that They have spoken to U of M and U of M has discouraged them from taking her due to another Ethics Committee meeting that We werent even told about or asked if We wanted to attend. The way the Docs at U of M are going We will NEVER get an Unbiased opinion. The Ethics Committee is now involved at Toledo even though they have NOT even assessed Emmie-Rose's condition firsthand and without an overturn decision by that Committee, the Doc that is willing to take her case is not allowed to do so.

They have now taken it upon Themselves to take away her TPN (nutrients She needs to grow, her "food") and her Blood Transfusions, Platelets and Lipids. She has had all of these things since birth until last Sunday when She had her surgery. They told Us She would die in two days, a week later She is still here and We asked them to give her her TPN, Blood and Platelets back and they did (yesterday). Yesterday they called a meeting to let Us know that "THEY" have "decided" amongst themselves that they are going to NOT feed her anymore or offer Her anymore Blood, Platelets or anything else that will help her to grow. So basically they want to starve her and let her blood run out so She can die. What does that sound like to you??? Torture if you ask ME!!

We just dont understand how a group of people who call themselves "doctors" can just "decide on a whim" that because this Child isnt "PERFECT" in their eyes that She isnt worth fighting for. They keep feeding Us the line "Well, do you know how hard it is going to be down the line/in the future". WHO CARES ABOUT TOMORROW, Lets work on today. They feel that Emmie-Rose is a "dead" issue and they have been just waiting for her to die. GUESS WHAT PEOPLE, LOOK WHO's STILL HERE!! NOW WHAT????????????? So their next course of action is to keep everything away from her that She has needed since birth and see if that makes her die. They let her blood get so low that that could have killed her. They are tired of dealing with Emmie-Rose because they see Her as "imperfect" and thats what they want to save is the ones that are going to make it "Long term". Who knows but the Lord who will make it the next 2 minutes let alone a yr from now. Obviously, U of M is trying to play "god" here and take it amongst themselves to kill Her at this point.

We need an Unbiased Second Opinion that We are entitled to as well as requested from the U of M team. We need someone out there to give Our Little Girl the chance. We want Her to live or die with Respect and Dignity that any Human being has the right to have. U of M is just completely giving up on a Living Human Being and that is NOT Right. We need to fight for Our Loved Ones and Stand Up for them when No One else will. Emmie-Rose is a fighter and until the Lord calls Her home, Mommy and Daddy are going to be fighting for Her every step of the way. There is a reason She is here and touching so many lives in the process. As long as She is going to fight, So are We.

Please Help Us!! IF Anyone has any contacts to help Us out with this situation, please either post or email Us. We need help from Everyone to Help Our Little Girl to get the Care She so deserves. This is a very time sensitive thing, We need to move quickly before U of M decides to take things into their own hands with more bad decisions.

Stephanie and Chris
Emmie-Rose's Mommy and Daddy

We need help finding a Doc to accept her and look at her without hearing one side only. If anyone knows a Neonatologist, a Ped Surgeon, Ped Doc with Nicu experience... Please pass Our story on. We need to move pretty fast.

Thanks for reading!

Please Continue the Prayers!!


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