Thursday, October 26, 2006

Election Note for Maryland Governor's Race

After asking those people that I know, who happen to call themselves pro-life (and are over 30), if they would consider running with me, or consider being my "treasurer" to satisfy Maryland's onerous requirements for running as a write-in candidate, I was told that while they (my friends) are pro-life, they just can't stand O'Malley (the Democratic candidate) so much that they would vote for Ehrlich (the Republican incumbent), a man who actively supports America's holocaust (abortion).

I have decided not to be used by "moderate" Republicans, the way the abolitionists were used by them, and the way so many in the pro-life community are used by them now. I will not support any candidate who does not fulfill one simple requirement, they must be opposed to abortion. Some might say that makes me a single issue voter, I suppose that is sort of true, in that I will not vote for someone that is "pro-choice", but if there were two pro-life candidates, there are a ton of issues that help me further narrow down which one to support.

So, after running out of options for my own gubernatorial candidacy, I have decided to throw my support behind a fellow pro-life activist. I am asking those that would have voted for me, to ensure that your votes are counted among those that vote for LIFE, to instead cast your write-in votes for JOHN SIMMINS. You will see after perusing his page, that he is not a libertarian, but he is closer than the other candidates to one, and at the same time fulfills my one major requirement, supporting an end to the murder of defenseless, voiceless children.

As the election draws near, next week, I will post my recommendations or endorsements for the various races in Maryland.

Thanks for your support.

To view all candidates currently registered in Maryland, the board of elections site.

Below is the text of my email to John Simmins, announcing my support of his candidacy.

Hello there, I am going to actively campaign for you guys. When I saw the mailer from Ehrlich about stem cells I began planning to run myself as a write-in candidate. I got all the forms together, and was prepared to file them, but realized I needed at least three people to satisfy Maryland's requirements. Then my wife found your site. I am going to inform those who I told I would run of your campaign and work to get you guys at least some amount of protest vote. I am a third degree night and extremely pro-life. I am also a libertarian (with a small L), so we may not see eye to eye on 100% of things, but life issues are a litmus test for me, and I am not ashamed, afraid, or apologetic about saying that. Anyway, I know what you had to go through to register as a write-in candidate, and appreciate the effort. I look forward to voting for you.