Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Denying the Holocaust

I stumbled across this article by Rabbi Marc Gellman, and felt obliged to respond to him, for what I believe is a glaring omission. My response is below.

Dear Rabbi Gellman,

In your list of abominations, the Holocaust, Slavery, Darfur, etc.. You fail to mention abortion. How can Christians and Jews and Muslims allow abortion and continue to go to church, synagogue, and mosque and ask God to bless their families? I have no idea where you stand on abortion, if you recognize it for what it is, then you ought to include that in your list of atrocities. I find it hard to believe you would just forget about it, so it leads me to believe you are leaving it out for the sake of political expediency. If you are an abortion denier, then you don't have the moral authority to be labeling abominations, any more than the Holocaust deniers do.

There are other items to dispute or quibble with in your article, but they are minute compared to inclusion of abortion in your list of abominations, and to nitpick about who needs to explain what, and who did what to whom won't get us any closer to stopping the holocaust of unborn children that is going on today, right now, and right here.

I think this is worthy of pointing out to many people, so I will include a link to your article as well as my response on my blog

Thank you for your time,