Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election is Over, Now What?

I thought I would share my opinions on the election results thus far.

First, I am disappointed, though not surprised that not one real independent was elected in any major race. Americans continue to get what the deserve, by sending the same quality of people back to office over and over.

Second, while I tend to support Democrat positions less than I do Republican ones, there are some positions I would be excited about with the Democrats victory, except that I know that Democrats are hypocrites just like Republicans. I thought I would present a short list of good Democrat positions anyway, for posterity, not that I actually expect Democrats to do what they say they will, anymore than I expect it from Republicans.

1. Repeal the Patriot Act(s)
2. Repeal the DMCA
3. Fight against and get rid of Bush's Military Commissions Act
4. Reaffirm rules of engagement that do not include torture as acceptable
5. Get to the bottom of our spy agencies' programs that may violate our rights and sort it out
6. Put an end to federal capital punishment (death penalty)

Its hard to find much else that the Democrats are right about, I will be hoping they actually do something about the issues I list, but I am not going to hold my breath.