Friday, January 26, 2007

Pope Benedict, please, give us faithful Bishops

Here are some recent examples of the complete lack of zealotry one would hope to find in a Catholic Bishop or Priest.

The Deacon stands while the Priest and Bishop fall.

Archbishop of Washington DC prefers not to confront those that support the holocaust, indeed, even worse, he welcomes them.

Nobody stands up to John Kerry.

Nobody stands up to Ted Kennedy.

Now, these are just a couple recent examples where big-name politicians are given an apparent dispensation from following, or even endorsing fundamental Church teaching.

This is exactly the sort of scandal that destroys the Church. If the clergy whose job it is to teach the faith, refuse to do so, how can they expect anyone to believe? If you are looking for a reason for the lack of new priests, you can lay plenty of blame at the feet of those who show the country and the world that Christ's church stands for nothing.

Luckily, I have had enough experience with real Priests, and and have read enough to know that real Bishops are out there, to keep my hope alive. I can only pray that the Pope will fix these problems in the American church, sooner than later.

Here is an article that says what I am saying, but better than I did.

Fairly unrelated, but certainly worth reading, here is a story on how the Communists, during the cold war, sought to destroy the Church.