Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The "perfect" family

We often hear children who were the "only child" talk about how they wanted a sibling. But what about children of the so-called "perfect" family? What do they think?

Being in the two-child age, I thought a recent comment from a mother of five found on a blog I frequently read should be read over loud speakers to all of those "two-and-out" couples who think one boy and one girl are the "perfect" family:

. . . I grew up with only a brother and had my own room. I longed for a sister my whole life (and even ache for one now that I watch my girls interact). I couldn't wait to get to college and get a roommate. We were opposite as night and day. Me the neat freak, her the slob. I loved every minute of it!

John Paul II has said the greatest gift parents can give to their children is siblings. Mother Teresa asked, "How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers."

The saddest thing about some children from larger families is that they choose to limit children based on material desires, so that their kids can have more things than they did. I personally know someone who told me this, so this is not mere conjecture. Others choose to be child-free for other reasons.

I'm constantly amazed by the mansion-like "luxury" single-family homes being erected that are more than likely only going to hear the pitter-patter of one or two - if that - children toddling across the floors. Money and material goods are much more appealing than the self-sacrifice of raising children.

Of course, not every couple is able to conceive or have more than one or two children. Aside from serious health matters, discerning serious reasons to avoid pregnancy are not always easy. But we do know several things regarding the conscious refusal of children:
  1. Contraception:Fatal to the Faith and to Eternal Life
  2. Contraceptives are unreliable
  3. Contraceptives are physically and often permanently harmful

There is really no surprise when, at Fatima, Mary told the children that people go to hell for sexual sins more often than any other type of sin. Sexuality is something to be reserved for marriage for both unity and procreation. When either of those two elements are missing the result is many lonely children.