Thursday, February 09, 2006

Pre-born babies and pain

I got this email to a list I am on, some time ago. I asked and received permission to post it here. I have not edited the email, other than to link to the news story this email is a response to, rather than including the full text of that article, at the bottom.


Hi everyone,

I just read this article and am very concerned when they say babies do not feel pain during an abortion, especially during abortions after the 5th month.

My daughter was born extremely premature at just 26 weeks gestation. One of the meds they give all preemies, even those born at 22.4 weeks and up, is the drug phentinal, which is much stronger and more potent than morphine. I was very upset they had to give Katelyn such a strong narcotic, but the NICU docs said it is absolutely necessary because babies that young are extremely sensitive to the slightest touch; it causes them tremendous pain. Sadly, even a mother's loving touch can be very painful to them at that point. The docs said the nerve endings are wide open in babies in utero, they do not begin to round and close off until later. Unfortunately, we had to watch Katelyn's reaction to pain all to many times while she was still very small. Even a diaper change caused her tremendous anxiety. We observed on the monitor that her heart rate increased and she had trouble breathing when she was handled. You can just imagine how she reacted when they had to stick
her for a blood sample or put in an IV. Even with sedation, she was obviously in pain. It was terrible to watch.

I have always been an advocate for pro-life and now that I have a perfectly healthy, happy 14 month old miracle, my beliefs about life have been solidified, even though I never asked for proof! I wish those moms could see what they are destroying and hurting when they choose to end their child's life. I wish too that the government would learn from the millions of premature babies that they have an increased sense of pain and suffer when they are ripped from the mother's womb. When I was delivering Katelyn the OB kept telling me we had to get her out quickly because the birth process, especially for a fragile preemie, is very traumatic and painful for

It was an amazing process to see my daughter grow in the palm of God's hand while Jesus gave her the breath of life. She is absolutely perfect now, as are about 95% of all the other preemies who are born at the same gestational age!


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