Friday, October 20, 2006

Olbermann On Our Rights

I don't know Olbermann well, and I would wager I disagree with him on a great many things. I am even slightly uncomfortable with a couple of the ways he phrases some statements in the video. But, at the same time, his point is right on, and one that needs to be heard. The election in November is very frustrating because Republicans have so abandoned the positions they advocated in the last several elections. No real surprise there, but the Democrats, who do all they can to obstruct the will of the people are supposed to be the alternative? I still remember Clinton, and am not going to participate in going back to Democrat control of the government. Instead, I suggest everyone consider their third party options. There are Libertarians and Constitution Party candidates running in many areas, please vote for a decent candidate, and don't throw away your vote putting a Republocrat back in power.