Thursday, February 15, 2007

Southern Poverty Law Center takes aim at Rad Trads

I had read some time ago that the Southern Poverty Law Center was investigating traditionalist Catholics, and here it is.
I also want to ensure you read the response from The Remnant (a traditionalist Catholic newspaper) here.

In the past, my impression of the SPLC has been a good one, that they do a valuable public service. After reading the response from The Remnant though, I wonder just how much of the SPLC's article is made up or simply wrong. These are some pretty huge accusations being tossed around by the SPLC, and it would be nice if rather than just label everyone who disagrees with them politically or theologically as "anti-semites" and similar terms, more detailed factual evidence was presented. I could run through the SPLC article and point out assertion after assertion, with absolutely no evidence. I wonder if this is why its called an "Intelligence Report". Perhaps they are taking their cues from the American intelligence agencies that apparently determined Iraq was a threat due to its chemical and nuclear weapons and weapon ambitions, but who after our invasion were unable to produce anything that resembled a threat worthy of pre-emptory invasion.