Sunday, October 28, 2007

Its Time to Put Your Money Where Your Hope Is

So, I changed my party affiliation, and for the first time ever, am a registered Republican. I even had a nightmare about it last night.

I dreamt that a person I do not know, (in the dream) from the company that currently employs me, called me into an office at work, and explained that the company was concerned about diversity in its workforce. He told me that they had analyzed the political habits and party memberships of all employees, and that they simply had too many Republicans, so they were letting me go. I freaked out and explained that I only joined the Republican party to vote for Ron Paul in the primary! He wouldn't accept that as an answer. The people I worked with were far too busy to talk to me, they were in meetings all day. I finally broke down and considered suing.

Wow, that was certainly a nightmare. But, you know what would be a bigger nightmare? If we get another 4 or more years of the same socialist/corporatist economic and domestic policy, mixed with 4 or more years of the same old imperial foreign policy. Its time for a change, not just of the name of the head of the executive branch, but of philosophy. Its time to bring freedom back, to make liberty stylish again. With that, join me in pledging (and in following through on your pledge) for Ron Paul's campaign.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with the site linked below, but I believe the sentiment is fantastic, and I am on board. The site aims to have 100,000 people donate $100 dollars to Ron Paul's campaign, in a single day.

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