Friday, June 15, 2007

I got this on one of my email lists today. I checked out the web page and didn't find anything I disagree with. I think the OSTA is a fantastic idea. I suppose I will need to add this to the list of organizations I am donating to next month, including Human Life International, and the Ron Paul presidential campaign.

Here is the email:

Subject: Something you can show your friends

Imagine your Congressman before a large audience. Someone stands and
asks him, "Do you think you should be able to pass unpopular
legislation by combining it with a popular, but completely unrelated

How could he answer yes, in front of all those people?

Imagine challengers supporting the "One Subject at a Time Act" as a
way of attacking incumbents. How much pressure of this kind would it
take before Congress yields and passes the "One Subject at a Time
Act" (OSTA)?

OSTA is a tool. OSTA is a weapon. OSTA, like the "Read the Bills
Act," is designed to . . .

* Expose Congress
* Embarrass Congress
* Corner Congress
* And make Congress pay a price for upsizing the Federal Monopoly

If Congress can't pass bad bills by combining them with good bills,
if every measure has to stand and fall on its own merits alone, then
Congress will have to work much harder to make the Federal Monopoly
grow. And we won't have to work quite as hard to make it downsize.

OSTA is a way of making Congress defend itself. OSTA turns the
tables. Instead of us always defending against what they're doing, we
can play offense for a change, and make Congress defend itself
against what we're doing.

OSTA is the kind of reform most Americans would support. It can help
us attract a large army to exert relentless, inescapable, resistance
numbing pressure on Congress. And when that happens . . .

Will you be able to open the webpage for the OSTA campaign and show
your friends your name on the roster of people who brought OSTA to

That may depend on what you do today.

Today is the deadline for getting your name put on the OSTA webpage.

The minimum contribution to be listed is a $5 monthly pledge, or a
$60 one time contribution. Contribute more if you can because the
names will be listed by the size of the contribution.

You can contribute here.

Thank you for being a DC Downsizer.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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An anti-child mother

Last week I was having a polite discussion with the wife of an aquaintance of my father's. She is young - 28 yrs old to be exact - and has two beautiful girls, ages 9 and 5. She made a comment of how "nice" it was that my second child is a girl since my first-born is a boy. I made it clear that we will have more if God wills it.

She mentioned that her husband, who is also 28 yrs old, would like to have more children, but she refuses stating that two kids are enough and she was done having kids nine years ago!

I choked. She has a five-year-old!

Fortunately her dog started a fight with my father's dog, so I was saved from a potentional awkward silence and from fumbling to find a new course of conversation.